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Incentivizing purchases on-site could ultimately help with converting a visitor to a customer. Remember, sometimes the small gesture is best for the big picture. Webcast, March 13th: This data shows that even if you have visitors, conversion and sales may not exist without a proper incentive to seal the deal. Do something your competitors might not be doing for their customers by offering a discount. By creating that differentiation point with consumers, you show them you care, give back a little, and give yourself a competitive edge.

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Remember, when businesses are only out to get sales, customers are the first to notice. With a good discount, a little goes a long way.

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Discount and coupon codes are an amazing way to attract new customers while bringing back previous purchasers. They incentivize new visitors and give them a reason to shop with you, while giving previous customers a reason to shop again. The biggest side effect of using coupon codes is accidentally convincing customers not to pay full price for products. This happens when businesses provide coupon codes too often and put themselves in a position where customers know they can get something for less if they hold out.

For this reason, you want to avoid overuse and tread lightly if implementing a coupon strategy for the first time. You can set yourself up for success by following these strategy suggestions:. Coupon code strategies can be very fruitful for all types of businesses, as potential customers are shopping at any given moment. Assuming they stumble across your site, maximize their visit by throwing an incentive their way.

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7 Ways To Boost Your Revenue With Digital Coupon Marketing

Toggle navigation Business 2 Community. Facebook Page or Facebook Group: Which Suits Your Business More? Shark Tank Recap: Shark Tank Deal: Innovative Thinking: Popular in BrandViews Image: Following sites and blogs that help keep up you up to date is also a must. You also want to keep up with all of the latest lingoes and terminologies to be in the know. One of the most important aspects of using the latest technology is having the knowledge to use push notifications.

This is a great way to grab the customer's attention when they are on their smartphone or tablet.

How to Leverage Discounts and Coupons as a Marketing Strategy

Customers love using apps, and a great way to use push notifications is to have a coupon or code sent when a customer is in the vicinity of a store. That doesn't sound like a huge margin, but it truly is a great way to build revenue.

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Get customers on your text list however possible, simply to get them access to the codes. Of course, they can stop texts whenever they would like, but this is a terrific way to reach a bigger audience. Similarly, keep your email lists current and build as big of a list as you can. To be successful, social media must be a big part of digital coupon marketing.

How and Why Marketers Should Use Coupon Codes

Keep in mind that social media doesn't just stop at Facebook and Twitter — these days, you need to have a presence on all of the big networks to keep customers interested. Consider making a YouTube channel, and make sure that you have an Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat account. Make sure to interconnect your accounts, so that your coupons are codes go from blog to Facebook to Snapchat and back again. Customers are much more willing to download apps, receive texts, or subscribe to email lists if there is something in it for them in the long run. Have a loyalty program, or offer points for items purchased or coupons redeemed.

Getting five or ten dollars off for a certain amount of points spent is a terrific incentive to not only keep customers coming back, but to keep them active on your opt-in lists.

This very much stays in line with having clear objectives and strategies. Coupons and deals should be introduced for a specific reason , and should expire when that specific reason does. Make sure that you return with another deal or discount highlighting a different idea or product, but every event should have an ending.