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They have sold enough Macs in a single quarter to provide everyone in most states their own computer. In fact, it has been recorded that Apple has enough cash on hand to buy the U.

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Treasury, the building that holds and manages all of the country's money. Founders Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne were actually trying to revolutionize the computer industry in They were looking to personalize computers, developing hardware small enough for consumers to have them in homes and offices. At the time, this was an almost absurd notion.

The average functioning computer was massive, often taking up entire sections of a room. After much independent work by the founders, Apple opened its doors on April 1, A little over a week later, Wayne decided to leave the company. To this day, Wayne has said he has no regrets.

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Among the company's key moments is the first Apple computer hand built by Wozniak in the garage of the home where Jobs lived with his parents. An all-in-one microcomputer, it aligned with Jobs' vision of a compact unit that used a keyboard and television set. Though Jobs would later admit that vision was almost boasting, not thinking practically about the current tech's capabilities.

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Apple was trailing behind Microsoft and its Windows platform at the time, but it wouldn't be long before the Windows vs. Mac debate would pit loyalists against each other.

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Apple was the first to create the self-contained computer. They continuously found new ways to assess and implement minimal set-ups, the elimination of cords and wires, and to encourage mobility and getting resistant users to connect with computers through unique and attractive design, and pull-out-the-box-and-get-started technology.

A year after the Mac was introduced, Jobs left the company amid controversy. A decade later, he would return under just as much controversy. It would be a fortuitous move on the company's part. Jobs originally left because he was too much of a driven visionary.

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It would be the same vision that would turn Apple's fortunes around. It could be said Jobs became the company's brand. Jobs' need to create things that others thought impossible led to the iPod, iPad and iWatch. With those and innovations like the OS X and iTunes in its portfolio, the world is waiting to see what Apple has waiting for us.

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